Karlskrona Municipality has implemented Antura as their new project management tool

The growing municipality of Karlskrona has chosen to implement Antura as their new portfolio and project management tool (PPM) with the aim of achieving better planning, monitoring, and control of projects within the municipality's city development and operations.

Karlskrona Municipality is located in southeastern Sweden and encompasses several urban areas. The municipality is heading towards an exciting future with a growing population and expansion, which entails extensive demands in various areas of operation. The municipality has also embraced a shared vision of developing the urban environment, infrastructure, and business sector. Today, there are, for example, more construction cranes in the city of Karlskrona than ever before, and as the number of projects increases, there is a significant need for a project management tool. A more efficient and standardized way of working, along with administrative support for planning, document management, and resource management on role, individual, and project level is in demand.

With Antura, Karlskrona Municipality gains efficient support for the following key areas:

• Project lifecycle and methodology
• Portfolio management, monitoring, and financial control
• Document management and templates
• Resource planning and resource management
• Time scheduling
• Time reporting
• Integration with the municipality's financial system, Visma

The first departments to start using Antura are the Operations and Service Management and City Development/MEX. The ambition is to implement the system for other cross-municipal functions as well.

Antura appreciates the trust and is looking forward to a long-term and fruitful collaboration with Karlskrona Municipality.

Karlskrona Municipality is located by the sea in southeastern Sweden, in Blekinge County. The central city is the county's capital, Karlskrona, which is built on islands and is close to both the archipelago and the countryside. The municipality has approximately 66,700 residents distributed across several urban areas and offers a well-developed range of municipal services.