Kristianstads municipality chooses Antura as their project and portfolio management tool

Kristianstads municipality takes a strategic step towards more efficient project management by choosing Antura as their new project and portfolio management tool, starting with The technical administration and The land and development office. The decision is of great significance for improving the planning, monitoring, and management of the municipality's various projects.

The technical administration and The land and development office plays central roles in Kristianstads municipality and are responsible for, among other things, the municipality's development, construction, management of public spaces, buildings, municipal water and wastewater supply, as well as land and development assignments. The technical administration also acts as the road maintenance authority for the municipality's road network.

The implementation of Antura aims to create an overview of the administrations' projects, increase the efficiency of project management, reduce the costs of project administration, improve the quality of project results and collaborations across administrative boundaries, and free up time for analysis and planning. In addition, they strive to have a management-wide system for all their projects with a structure for resources and budgets, leading to cost savings by discontinuing the use of other systems.

Antura has been chosen to meet The technical administration and The land and development office needs, providing features such as:

• Support for project model and methodology
• Portfolio management
• Monitoring and financial management
• Document management and templates
• Resource planning and resource management
• Time management
• Time reporting
• Integration, specifically with financial systems

− We look forward to seeing the positive effects of Antura. We have long had a need for a tool to increase the efficiency and overview of our project portfolio and our resources. It is a crucial key to achieving our goals, says Jimmy Källström, Head of the Technical administration in Kristianstads municipality.

In the long term, the plan is to implement Antura in other municipality-wide functions as well.

Antura welcomes Kristianstads municipality as new customer and we are looking forward to being a part of their journey towards more efficient and sustainable project management. We are confident that our project management tool will provide numerous benefits for The technical administration, The Land and development office, and Kristianstads municipality as a whole.

Kristianstads municipality is the largest in Skåne, in the south of Sweden with the area of 1,346 square kilometers, featuring diverse nature from forests and lakes to meadows and fields. The municipality has just over 86,000 inhabitants (Sweden's 25th largest) and of those, around 46,000 live in the city of Kristianstad. The municipality has over 7,000 permanent employees.