Major commitment in Antura Projects PPM tool by Göteborg Energi

Göteborg Energi is Gothenburg's municipality-owned energy company. They sell and distribute electricity, district heating, district cooling, natural gas and urban fiber throughout western Sweden. To support the company's project model and key processes, they have implemented Antura Projects as their groupwide PPM tool.

Göteborg Energi is Sweden's fourth largest energy company. In the autumn of 2019, Göteborg Energi launched a transformation plan to become better equipped for the future, which included evaluation and implementation of a project and portfolio management tool. The city of Gothenburg already uses Antura Projects, so it was natural to evaluate whether the tool could also be suitable for Göteborg Energi. They began with a proof of concept that ran until June 2021, and which resulted in a well-developed recommendation that considered business requirements, information, IT security, affected processes, complexity, and project maturity of the organization. The proof of concept was received positively, and the decision was taken to roll out Antura Projects groupwide. Now over 1300 projects are managed in the tool.

The goals that Göteborg Energi wants to achieve by investing in a groupwide PPM tool include to reduce time for compiling information, financial savings, more efficient project management with the ability to report accurate project information, and in the end to achieve better and more efficient portfolio management.

- We needed a groupwide and standardized way to manage and follow up our projects and at the same time enable better prioritization of our project portfolio and our initiatives. The assessment after the pilot study was that Antura Projects could help us with that, says Carina Davidsson, Project Manager at Göteborg Energi.

It was important to quickly get started and work with Antura Projects, so that they could evaluate which functionalities they needed to implement. Currently about 220 users have been trained in the tool, ranging from project managers and project owners to line managers and group management.

From the start, Antura Projects was integrated with Unit4 (formerly Agresso) and their EAM system (Enterprise Asset Management). As a result, the financial outcome of the various projects as well as basic information is automatically fed into Antura Projects.

- We quickly wanted to get started and work in the tool, but Antura recommended a step-by-step implementation. So, we started with the functionality in Antura Projects that we considered to be the most prioritized and which also meant minimal impact on processes and surrounding systems.

The functional areas in Antura Projects that were implemented in the first phase are:
- Portfolio Management
- Project Model Support
- Time planning
- Cost Management
- Document Management
- Issue management
- Risk Management
- Status reporting
- Reporting
- Charts & Dashboards

With effect from this first phase, Göteborg Energi now has a PPM tool that enables a comprehensive visualization and control of their entire project portfolio. Previously, a lot of manual work was required as the information often needed to be retrieved and compiled from different IT systems. Sometimes, the information also differed between various systems, which is why a lot of time was spent on troubleshooting. With Antura Projects this is now avoided.

- At Göteborg Energi we have a common project model and cost control since before, but many different applications. Now we have a suitable and competent tool that will help us achieve even better quality in our follow-up, and one that also supports the important project and portfolio management ahead of us as the city grows.

Göteborg Energi manages projects that include financing from SEK 20,000 up to SEK 600 million per project. With Antura Projects, project managers, project owners and other stakeholders have gained the transparency that they previously lacked. By providing a PPM tool for the entire organization, they now also have great opportunities to continue developing their working methods in the area. Once the maturity and timing are right, they will continue to explore benefit management, simulation, resource management and time reporting in Antura Projects.

- We can already see that our goals are well on their way of being reached. Taking advantage of the supplier's and other customers' experiences from previous Antura Projects implementations has been a success factor. We have had a close collaboration with end users and main stakeholders to be able to agree upon, detail and iterate requirements, expectations and needs continuously. We have also had broad support within the entire company for this implementation, a clear goal, and a committed team. Not least, we have had a good collaboration with Magnus and his colleagues at Antura, who in a committed way have helped us transfer our processes and working methods to Antura Projects and supported us in both big and small questions, concludes Carina Davidsson.

- Göteborg Energi is an exciting company that we are happy to collaborate with. We are impressed by the positive effects after they started working with Antura Projects. It will also be exciting to follow their continued development as they proceed with the next phases of the implementation, says Magnus Säfström, Senior Project Manager & Business Consultant at Antura.

For more information please contact:
Magnus Säfström, Senior Project Manager & Business Consultant
Telephone: +46 (0)76 880 03 93

Göteborg Energi is Sweden's fourth largest energy company and is 100 percent owned by the City of Gothenburg. It is a leading energy company that ensures environmentally sustainable and affordable energy and communication infrastructure for Gothenburg's citizens and businesses.