Roslagsvatten has chosen Antura Projects as their new PPM tool

Roslagsvatten, the municipally owned cleaning, water and sewer company that operates in Österåker municipality, Vaxholm city, Knivsta municipality, Vallentuna municipality and Ekerö municipality in Sweden has chosen Antura Projects as system support for their project and portfolio management. 

Roslagsvatten ensures that over 130,000 people get clean drinking water every day. Therefore it´s central for them to have a holistic perspective, to take responsibility, and to have good financials and quality when they push their projects forward. To reach this desired level it was essential to invest in and implement a powerful PPM tool in the organization. After a thorough evaluation of several PPM tools on the market, the choice was Antura Projects, which received the highest rating in all areas and was considered the most user-friendly.

Roslagsvatten's goal with implementing a new project tool is to make their project operations even more efficient and make it easier to follow up and control the projects and investments. It shall work as an effective support for both the management's steering process of the project portfolio and for the project manager’s daily work. This is something they now will achieve with Antura Projects.

Some of the main requirements Roslagsvatten had when looking for a new PPM tool were:
- Project planning, with support for different types of projects
- Support for financial monitoring of costs and revenues

- Project portfolio management, with support for consolidating project information, as well as the possibility to work with prioritization and simulation
- Resource planning and time reporting

- Powerful and flexible document management

-  Integration possibilities with the organization´s other IT systems

- High level of security

Antura Projects is now widely launched within Roslagsvatten to both employees and external contractors. The tool provides support in several areas that are important in the work to secure and coordinate the sustainable development of the organization´s water and sewerage services. Roslagsvatten will grow with Antura Projects and expand with more functionality over time, and approx. 200 projects a year are expected to be handled in the tool.

Antura welcomes Roslagsvatten as new customer and is grateful for the trust and looks forward to a long-term and fruitful collaboration.

Roslagsvatten is a Swedish municipally owned cleaning, water, and sewer company with approximately 190 employees. They ensure that people in their area have clean drinking water every day. They build and maintain the pipeline networks so that it can last for a long time, and they purify used wastewater. Roslagsvatten operates in Österåker municipality, Vaxholm city, Knivsta municipality, Vallentuna municipality and Ekerö municipality. In Österåker and Vaxholm, Roslagsvatten also takes care of waste and runs the recycling centers.