The Danish Ministry of Defense's Material and Procurement Agency enters into a new group-wide framework agreement with Antura

The Danish Defense Material and Procurement Agency (FMI) and the Defense Property Agency (FES) have undergone a successful transformation journey with Antura since the start of the collaboration in 2019. The new framework agreement, which came into effect at the turn of the year 2024 and spans over 8 years, signifies a continuation of the successful partnership, where Antura plays a central role in managing FMI and FES' material, IT, and business development projects. The intention with the new framework agreement is to establish a foundation for expanding the system's usage to include more authorities and agencies within the Danish Ministry of Defense.

Today, approximately 400 projects are being managed in Antura, and the system is utilized daily by portfolio owners, steering group members, project owners, project managers, and specialists within both FMI and FES. As the basis for the new framework agreement, a comprehensive needs analysis was conducted, involving various authorities within the group to identify and address specific requirements and interests. Mia Persson Larsen led the project and emphasizes the positive contribution from the project team.

−I have had the opportunity to lead the procurement process and bring valuable insights and experiences back to the Competence Center at FMI. It is thanks to the great effort of the project team that the overall framework agreement has now been reached, benefiting not only FMI but also several of the group's authorities, including the Defense Property Agency, says Mia Persson Larsen, responsible for business development projects and change management at the FMI Competence Center.

Antura has been chosen to meet the diverse needs of the Ministry of Defense's various authorities with features that include:

  • Support for project models and methods

  • Portfolio management

  • Follow-up and status reporting

  • Risk management

  • Document management and templates

  • Resource planning and management

  • Time planning

  • Time reporting

The new framework agreement, and the potential to expand usage within several of the Ministry of Defense's authorities and agencies, are expected not only to improve the efficiency and management of projects and portfolios across the group but also to reaffirm the Ministry of Defense's long-term trust in Antura.

−A PPM tool is crucial for authorities like FMI and FES to ensure quality and increase transparency in the daily management of projects. We are very pleased with the decision to continue with Antura, concludes Mia.

−We at Antura appreciate the continued trust and we are looking forward to a long and rewarding collaboration with the Danish Ministry of Defense. It will be exciting to follow their progress as they continue to develop and streamline their portfolio and project activities, says Anders Haglund, Sales Manager at Antura.

Mia Persson Larsen, responsible for business development projects and change management at the FMI Competence Center.