The Swedish Club optimises project management and resource allocation with Antura

The Swedish Club, the mutual insurance company with a long and respected maritime industry history, has significantly improved their portfolio and project management processes in recent years. The company has now chosen to implement Antura as Project Portfolio Management (PPM) tool, aiming to enhance proactive decision-making and improve transparency and visibility in their projects and project portfolio. The result is highly effective resource management and a significant increase in the project office's ability to support project managers in successfully carrying out their projects.

One of the most noticeable improvements enabled by Antura is more effective time planning and resource management. Before the introduction of Antura, the use of project methodology was limited. With Antura, The Swedish Club now has the opportunity to realise practically the benefits of the applied project methodology and rely on more precise time estimations, leading to improved planning and more effective resource allocation.

The Swedish Club offers a comprehensive portfolio of marine insurance products for protecting vessels, cargo, and crews, focusing on minimising the risks and consequences of maritime accidents and damages. With around 2,700 insured vessels, its operations are of central importance to the maritime industry. The company runs various projects to manage and develop their service offerings and assess and manage risks. When the necessity to improve visibility and control over their projects and portfolio became apparent, the company searched for a suitable PPM tool. It was looking for an intuitive and user-friendly tool that would be accessible even to those who are not experts in project management. Antura proved to be the answer to its needs.

As with all projects of change, the implementation of Antura initially faced challenges in convincing the entire organisation of the importance of this change. Understanding project and portfolio management and its specific requirements was not always self-evident. However, with the right training and support from Antura over time, the organisation adopted the new work processes and became more proficient in using them. Since then, the company has improved its workflows and project management capacity with the help of Antura, achieving more effective time planning and resource management.

−One of our main goals was to gain better control over time reporting and thus resource management. Previously, we based our time estimates of the projects on approximations, with Antura, we became a learning organisation and can now use more precise figures, enabling improved planning and resource allocation, explains Camilla Lansvén, PMO Manager at The Swedish Club.

Increased transparency and collaboration

Antura has also improved the transparency and collaboration at the company by promoting cross-functional cooperation. Project management skills have also increased. Project managers use Antura, and the project office easily generates statistics, reports, and charts regularly as decision-making support for the management team, leading to more open and informed discussions and fact-based decisions.

−We asked ourselves questions like how can we fundamentally improve our workflow? What can Antura offer us regarding reports, charts, or whatever we need to plan and discuss effectively within the projects? For example, it's about visualising, capacity planning and learning from previous projects. This was made possible with the help of Antura, and we are both satisfied and proud of our accomplishment, continues Camilla.

−We have taken a significant step in improving our project management capability by implementing Antura as our PPM tool. The result we have achieved is greater transparency, more effective collaboration, and resource management, and thereby, we have also created a positive mentality in the company's project management, concludes Camilla.

Camilla Lansvén, PMO Manager at The Swedish Club

With a rich history spanning over 150 years, The Swedish Club is an established Swedish mutual insurance company that has made its mark in the maritime industry. Originally known as "Sveriges Ångfartygs Assurans Förening," the company has adapted its name to the more internationally recognisable "The Swedish Club. With its headquarters in Gothenburg, Sweden, and additional offices in Greece, Norway, the UK, Hong Kong and Singapore, the company is well-positioned to serve its customers worldwide with high-quality insurance solutions.