With Antura Projects Smart Templates, documents are automatically updated with information from Antura Projects whenever they are created or edited.

Maintaining project documentation with the correct and up-to-date information can be a time-consuming task. When updates are made manually, the risk of errors becomes great and the administrative work quickly becomes extensive.

With Antura Projects Smart Templates, information is retrieved automatically from Antura Projects whenever documents are created or edited. Typical areas of application include populating cover sheets, headers and footers with information such as the project name, product manager, date, version number or other completely customizable properties.

Antura Projects Smart Templates can also be used to create report templates where the majority of the document content is retrieved directly from the system.

Antura Projects Smart Templates works with MS Word .docx files.


  • Tag your documents with any number of content controls that retrieve current data directly from Antura Projects
  • Supports both Rich Text Format (which follows the document’s formatting) as well as unformatted text)
  • Automatically update selected information when documents are created or edited
  • Documents can be used as report templates
  • Ensure the quality of your document content and reduce your administrative work