Ikano Bostad has an efficient and standardized way of working with Antura

Ikano Bostad, the Swedish property development and housing company has implemented Antura Projects as their portfolio and project tool. Their goal is to create good and efficient collaboration between their various departments in their construction and property development projects, and for them to be able to prioritize and follow up the different projects.

In order to gather project related information in one place and enable efficient collaboration both internally and externally, a core system was sought. A tool that could enable effective work from early in project development, through design development, sales and construction to project completion and handover. Their solution was the PPM tool Antura Projects.

- We were looking for a project portal that could help us gather and connect the work with all our various projects. We have now worked with Antura Projects for about two years, said Christelle Lapalus, Business Developer at Ikano Bostad and responsible for the implementation of Antura Projects.

Incremental implementation and with selected features based on the needs
Ikano Bostad's strategy was to implement the PPM tool gradually, which has given them the opportunity to define and prioritize the implementation in a good way. It has also created better conditions for them to manage the system introduction like the journey of change it really is. They have selected a number of functionalities such as project and portfolio management, document management, issue management and risk management. Document management was particularly important to them as they see the future needs of being able to invite external users to easily collaborate with documents.

- The file archive in Antura Projects is a feature that we use a lot today, because we handle many documents in our projects. Antura's business consultants have really been responsive to our needs while challenging us on this journey of change. Antura Projects has not only meant a new system for us, but it has also made us realize that we have had to develop and improve some of our working methods, Christelle continues.

With the help of Antura Projects, Ikano Bostad has gained a comprehensive overview of their various project. And at the same time, they have gained an easier way to report and analyze their projects as well as gathering and provide the right information to management, project managers and other stakeholders.

Ikano Bostad plans to expand the use of Antura Projects in the future both to the aftermarket projects and to the business development projects. They also plan to integrate Antura Projects with their other business systems to more easily obtain information needed for the various projects.

- We are very happy that Ikano Bostad has trusted us to deliver Antura Projects as their project portal. It is nice to see how they have developed together with Antura, and that they have implemented new functions after they have matured as users of the system, says Therese Forsberg, Project Manager & Business Consultant and Account Manager at Antura AB.

Ikano Bostad is a property development and housing association that develops, builds and manages sustainable neighborhoods and housing in Sweden and Denmark. The business idea is to offer smart, functional, sustainable and affordable housing for people in all phases of life. Ikano Bostad was founded in 2005 and is part of the Ikano Group, an international business group that was started by IKEA's founder.