Proffice establishes a new PMO and introduces Antura Projects

The staffing and recruiting company Proffice has over 10,000 employees in 100 locations and conducts a large number of projects. Proffice recently established a Project Management Office (PMO) in order to improve coordination and structure throughout the organization. To support this investment, Proffice has chosen Antura Project for their overall project management portfolio.

As with many other organizations, the Proffice group conducts a great portion of their business through projects. This covers everything from IT projects to business development projects and projects are administered both at the group-wide level as well as in the various business units.

The company management expressed a desire to have a better structure and overview of their project operations. In order to achieve this, Proffice introduced a new project methodology, established a PMO and implemented Antura Projects as their tool for project and portfolio management.

Proffice is pleased to have found an established project management tool that is both flexible and user-friendly enough to fit the needs of the entire organization.

“With Antura Projects we get a powerful support for both methodology and project work. The fact that we are also getting a total portfolio overview, something that we have wanted for a long time, means that Antura Projects fulfills all of our requirements completely. It is important for Proffice that the tool is both flexible and easy to use and I think we get all that with Antura Projects”, says Mikael Estenthal, Head of Project Management Office at Proffice.

For Antura, Proffice represents an industry that we have not worked with previously. Therefore, we are delighted to welcome Proffice and the staffing industry to Antura!

“I am responsible for introducing Antura Projects at Proffice and I am convinced that the organization will succeed in further developing their project management, where the tool plays an important role. Equally important is the collective support and ambition of the entire management, which is fully backing the PMO investment together with PMO”, says Niklas Knutsson, Project Manager at Antura.