Sandvik Coromant uses Antura to Coordinate Project Operations

The manufacturing industry is constantly changing, and for Sandvik Coromant staying one step ahead of the competition is crucial. When new innovations are developed and the project operation is put to the test, the Antura Projects PPM Tool is the natural choice for coordination.

Sandvik Coromant launches some 2,500 new products every year, along with machining solutions, and invests twice as much in research and development as other companies in the sector. The manufacturing industry is constantly changing; research, quality assurance and the development of new innovations are therefore vital parts of Sandvik Coromant’s business. The company endeavors always to be at the forefront both in terms of products and solutions, as well as internal processes and working methods. So when the existing system for project-related information – an application developed in-house in Lotus Notes – proved inadequate in several respects, it was clear that a new one was needed: 

-To begin with we focused on finding a suitable system for portfolio and resource planning, but we soon realized that we needed a full project management system, says Per Gustafson, Process Manager at Sandvik Coromant. 

As Process Managers, it is the job of Per Gustafson and his colleague Jonas Wiklund to ensure that work processes are followed and developed continuously. As configuration managers, they also make sure that new technology is adapted to and supports the operation. In the search for a project tool, several options were initially considered before the company finally settled on Antura. The fact that Seco Tools, a wholly owned subsidiary of Sandvik, already used Antura Projects was an influencing factor. But the deciding factor was the assessment carried out by Sandvik Coromant; a Proof of Concept process lasting almost a year, which meant that virtually every function in the system could be tested.

-Antura Projects turned out to be an excellent solution. The system is firmly based in reality and has been developed by the people who actually run the projects. In comparison, we found that other systems were large and formless, says Jonas Wiklund.

Improvement an ongoing process

Shortly after the Proof of Concept process, Antura Projects was implemented in full scale and is now used by more than 700 project members in R&D- and product projects. The company’s ambition is to carry on growing. Coordination is tremendously important, as the various projects are planned and run from several different locations and organizational units. Efficient documentation and knowledge transfer are also crucial to a successful project outcome, and the project system provides good support here:

-In Antura Projects everything fits together and the user interface is intuitive, says Per Gustafson.

Antura Projects will, without doubt, make capacity planning and resource allocation easier. The project operation will be more efficient, although not without its challenges: resource conflicts are always likely to crop up as planning for the R&D portfolio extends several years into the future, while plans for a product project sometimes span only a few weeks at a time. Consequently, questioning and occasionally also re-evaluating process flows and functionality could be crucial to continued success. Sandvik Coromant and Antura share the view of improvement as a constantly ongoing process. Here, the key is to link new challenges to the right tool and solutions. 

-Always working efficiently and transparently with project planning and execution is fundamental to our product development. That’s how we can assure our own and our customers’ ongoing success, Per Gustafson and Jonas Wiklund conclude.

”Antura Projects turned out to be an excellent solution. The system is firmly based in reality and has been developed by the people who actually run the projects. In comparison, we found that other systems were large and formless.”

Jonas Wiklund, Process Manager, Sandvik Coromant

Sandvik Coromant is part of the global Sandvik Group and is a leader in metal cutting tools. Sandvik Coromant owns over 3,100 patents worldwide, employs over 7,900 staff, and is represented in 150 countries. The head office is located in Sandviken, Sweden.